Unravel is a puzzle platformer about a character made from red yarn named Yarny.

UNRAVEL || 2-Week Needletail MAP

“I’m breakable…”

“I’m shakeable…”

I wont’ let you contaminate me.

IT’S DONE! Unravel has been completed and honestly I’m so happy with it.

There’s something really gripping about characters who make all the wrong choices but show their true colours in the end. The goal of this MAP wasn’t to show Needletail as anything but a flawed individual that redeems herself thanks to the good in those around her, she makes bad choices, pays for them, and learns in the end. We can all be led astray sometimes and I think, because of that, hers is a really empowering story.

This was the first MAP where we had a discord to go along side it and the process on this MAP has been such a joy. I couldn’t have chosen a nicer group of people to get to work with on this project. Not only that but everyone brought their A game and I’m so greatful.

My sincerest thanks to all of the participants, I hope you’re happy with the result of your work.

-Noko (SleepyMisty)
-Stem Ginger
-Chai Tea
-Riley Ellis
-Station Pass
-Sky Heart

“Unravel” English Cover performed by the always exeptional LeeAndLie

“Unravel” Piano Cover performed by
Animenz Piano Sheets

Congratulations to Flora_Waffles who won! See their lovely art here:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter, I’m obsessed with so many of them you should all be very proud!

Want to see everyone’s entries? Check out the twitter moment:

Selina & ThatScruffyDuck for their advice/vast Needletail knowledge
And to Thrushsong who drew the cute starry Needle at the end!

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TK from Ling toshite Sigure – Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul Opening) Lyrics [Color Coded |Jpn|Rom|Eng]

All rights to the original owners

Artist: TK from Ling toshite Sigure 凛として時雨
Song: Unravel
Album: Fantastic Magic
Year: 2014

教えて 教えてよ
Oshiete oshiete yo
Tell me, tell me

sono shikumi wo
how this mechanism works

Boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?
Who is inside me?

壊れた 壊れたよ この世界で
Kowareta kowareta yo kono sekai de
It’s broken, in this broken world

君が笑う 何も見えずに
Kimi ga warau nanimo miezu ni
You laugh seeing nothing

壊れた僕なんてさ 息を止めて
Kowareta boku nante sa iki wo tomete
I’m broken– my breath halts.

ほどけない もう ほどけないよ
Hodokenai mou hodokenai yo
It can’t be unraveled–it still can’t be unraveled

真実さえ freeze
shinjitsu sae freeze
Not even the truth (freeze)

壊せる 壊せない 狂える 狂えない
Kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai
Breakable, unbreakable, going mad, unable to go mad

Anata wo mitsukete
I’ll find you

揺れた 歪んだ世界にだんだん僕は
yureta yuganda sekai ni dan dan boku wa
In this swaying and crooked world, I’m slowly

sukitootte mienaku natte
becoming transparent, unable to be seen

見つけないで 僕のことを
Mitsukenaide boku no koto wo
Don’t try to find me

Don’t stare at me

Dareka ga egaita sekai no naka de
In this world that someone has sketched

anata wo kizutsuketaku wa nai yo
I don’t want to hurt you

覚えていて 僕のことを
Oboeteite boku no koto wo
Remember me

azayaka na mama
While I’m still vivid

Mugen ni hirogaru kodoku ga karamaru
Entwined in solitude that infinitely spreads

mujaki ni waratta kioku ga sasatte
Innocent laughter pierces into my memory

動けない 動けない 動けない 動けない
Ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai
I can’t move, I can’t move, I can’t move, I can’t move

動けない 動けないよ
ugokenai ugokenai yo
I can’t move, I can’t move

Unravelling the world

変わってしまった 変えられなかった
Kawatte shimatta kaerarenakatta
I’ve changed, I can’t be changed back

2つが絡まる 2人が滅びる
Futatsu ga karamaru futari ga horobiru
Both of us are entwined, both of us will perish

壊せる 壊せない 狂える 狂えない
Kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai
Breakable, unbreakable, going mad, unable to go mad

Anata wo kegasenai yo
I won’t let you be polluted

揺れた 歪んだ世界にだんだん僕は
yureta Yuganda sekai ni dan dan boku wa
In this swaying and crooked world, I’m slowly

sukitootte mienaku natte
becoming transparent, unable to be seen

見つけないで 僕のことを
Mitsukenaide boku no koto wo
Don’t try to find me

Don’t stare at me

Dareka ga shikunda kodokuna wanani
In this snare of solitude that someone devised

Mirai ga hodekete shimau mae ni
Before the future unravels

思い出して 僕のことを
Omoidashite boku no koto wo
Please remember me

Azayaka na mama
While I’m still vivid

忘れないで 忘れないで 忘れないで 忘れないで
Wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide
Don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget

変わってしまったことに paralyze
Kawatte shimatta koto ni paralyze
Paralyzed by the fact that I’ve changed

変えられないことだらけの paradise
Kaerarenai koto darake no paradise
A paradise dappled with unchangeable things

覚えていて 僕のことを
Oboeteite boku no koto wo
Remember me

教えて 教えて
Oshiete oshiete
Tell me, tell me

boku no naka ni dare ga iru no?
Who is inside me?

Unravel Full Gameplay Walkthrough 1080p 60FPS HD

During the game’s introduction, an old woman is seen looking out her window, before she adjusts a picture of a baby and picking up a ball of yarn. As she proceeds upstairs, a lone ball of yarn rolls out of shot. Yarny, an anthropomorphic creature made of red yarn, and the game’s protagonist, then walks into shot, and is visibly staring around in wonder of his environment. According to Sahlin, the yarn that makes up Yarny represents love, and that the character unravels as they travel away from what they love.

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Tokyo Ghoul OP/Opening Full「Unravel – TK」[Kami Cover]

Tokyo Ghoul OP/Opening Full「Unravel – TK」
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